Wind Analysis
(In Cooperation with Modern Energy)

Wind & Site offering:

  •  Field measurement & data analysis

  •  Wind resource assessment

  •  Wind farm optimization

  •  Site suitability assessment

  •  Post-construction yield assessment & optimization

  •  Technical due-diligence

  •  Advisor in turbine tender process

  •  State-of-the-art Ice-loss estimation


Validated Numerical Wind Assessment Advantages:

  • Fast and cost effective

For the cost of a single meteorological mast we can investigate 100 projects spread out over an area the size of Sweden within 8 to 12 weeks.

  • Validated high accuracy 

Our model predictions have similar accuracy as that expected from a full state-of-the-art analysis including on-site measurements. 

  • No input data required

The customer only needs to provide project coordinates, all other data required is open source. This means complete markets, 3rd party projects, and even existing wind farms can be evaluated.   

  • Effective model output 

The model produces wind resource maps, as well as maps of wind shear coefficient, turbulence and vertical inflow angle, which can be directly imported into e.g. WindPro and enables efficient wind resource assessment, initial layout optimization and site suitability assessment. 

  • Proven track-record

Modern Energy has conducted hundreds of numerical wind assessments for green-field, market analysis or for verification of full analyses with onsite measurements.