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Market Insight & Financial Feasability of Engineering Solutions

Æge Energy offers financial analysis deeply rooted in the technical expertise of the company. We are close to the market and have the opportunity to benchmark cost estimates and valuations against actual prices we observe in the market. 

The company has over a number of years collected data in the areas of land and sea winds, electric cables including HVDC and international connections as well as data centers.

We offer: 
  • Cost modeling for infrastructure projects

  • Component level Opex - modeling*

  • Value assessments and presentation of investment case / investment data

  • Revision of art and valuation models

  • Due diligence in transactions and financing

  • market Report

  • transaction support

  • Financial support

  • Screening of market potential

  • Socio-economic analysis

  • Power Sales Agreements (PPAs) including negotiations, purchase of balance sheet services, tenders **

  • Power hedging including risk assessment and policy, tender **

     *   In collaboration with Crossfields
    **  In collaboration with Pascuorum

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