Our Team

Leon Notkevich
Founder, Managing Director & Principal Engineer/Project Manager

Leon has an M.Sc. in electrical power engineering and power markets.

Through his role as Head of Electrical Systems, Wind Offshore, Statkraft AS he built and managed a team of 10 engineers and project managers and developed the necessary capabilities to enable Statkraft to become an operator in large offshore wind projects.

Leon is currently holding the role as UK Grid Connection Manager and Risk/Interface Manager in NorthConnect. He brings 16 years’ experience from management and project execution of renewable and electrical infrastructure projects from early development through to commissioning and hand over to operations. Leon specialises in Project Management, Risk and Interface Management, Grid Integration, Power System Planning and Design.

Leon has an extensive network within the renewables industry through his involvement in industry task forces and forums such as CIGRÉ, IEC, the Offshore Wind Program Board, Offshore Wind Accelerator, National Grid’s Integrated Offshore Transmission Project and the Crown Estate’s Offshore wind cost reduction pathways study.

Key skills: Leadership, Team Management, Project Management, Due Diligence, Development and Construction of Renewable Generation projects and Electrical Infrastructure Projects, Grid Integration, Electrical System Optimisation & Design, Power Markets and Use of System charges. 

Selected Reference Projects: Dogger Bank (Lead Electrical Engineer/Package Manager), Dudgeon OWF (Interim Electrical Package Manager), Sheringham Shoal Harmonic Filter project (Project Sponsor), Altwalis onshore wind farm (Technical Manager), Rolvsnes (Project Manager).

Ole Omland
HR Manager

Ole Omland har bredt og allsidig erfaring fra næringslivet innen salg, ledelse og HR. Han har tidligere arbeidet som HR rådgiver hos Odfjell Drilling, der han også har hatt stillinger som avdelingsleder og som daglig leder for konsulentvirksomhet. Han har vært ansatt i Garuda som bedriftsrådgiver og partner, innehatt lederstilling i Kelly Services, samt arbeidet internasjonalt med salgs- og markedesføring av tekniske løsninger for telekommunikasjonsselskapet Nera TMN.

Han har de senere årene arbeider med spesielt fokus innen rådgiving og praktisk HR arbeid for bedrifter og offentlig virksomhet. Arbeidsområdene har vært innen omstilling og endring, rekruttering, opplæring og støtte til ledere, Talent Management samt nærværsarbeid. Han har sin utdanning fra BI med tilleggsutdanning innen organisasjon og ledelse.

Yngve Aabø
Founder & Executive Head of the Board

One of the most experienced professionals in the Norwegian power sector. Yngve has been head of engineering and head of grid development at BKK and has worked for or with most of the important players in the Norwegian power market, such as Statoil, Statkraft, Statnett, Lyse, Hafslund, and many more. He has a huge industry network and is one of the leading experts on the Norwegian power system. He is a specialist on Protection & Control, Grid Planning, Power System Calculations, Business Development and many more energy related topics. He is (co-)founder of multiple successful companies such as Troll Power, Promaps AS, Troll Wind Power, Det Norske Kraftselskap and Aabø Powerconsulting.

Tor Inge Vevatne
Founder & Director Financial Advisory Services

Tor Inge holds an MSc. in Economics and Business Administration. He specialises in development of complex Cost Assessment Tools for Optimal Layout Valuation in Offshore Windfarms (Dogger Bank Cost of Energy Model, Triton Knoll etc.), Financial Analysis for Onshore/Offshore Wind Acquisitions, Cost Model Auditing for the Offshore Wind Industry, and Acquisition Strategy.

Selected reference projects: Dogger Bank, Triton Knoll, various due diligence projects (on/offshore wind and interconnectors).

anne lol.jpg
Anne Louise Årtun
Back Office Manager

Anne Louise holds a BSc. in business administration from the Norwegian Business School BI in Bergen with specialisation in Advanced Managerial Accounting and Real Investment Theory.

Jonas Alexandersson
Principal - Value Engineering Services

An expert on electricity from both a technical and economic perspective. An analytical mind who underpins his work with a strong theoretical and numerical foundation. Has a passion for all things related to renewable energy and is always up to date on all relevant market and policy developments.

Key Skills: Technical-Economic Analysis, Data Sourcing and Statictical Analysis, Business Development

Kristjàn Petursson
Principal Electrical Engineer

Kristjàn is a power systems expert with long experience in power system modelling and analysis. Among his areas of expertise are discrimination, IS-limiter, short circuit, load flow, motor start, dynamic, harmonic, flicker, earthing surveys and many more.  


Kristjàn has worked on electrical studies related to offshore and onshore wind power, solar power and substations as well as oil and gas installations both high voltage and low voltage. He has done power system simulations in ATP, PSS/e, EDSA and DIgSILENT Power Factory as well as programming and modelling in DIgSILENT PowerFactory and PTI Siemens PSS/e. He is an expert on all kinds of risk analysis for electrical systems as well as transient stability analysis in weak and strong grids. 

Fredrik Gjesdahl
Power System Engineer

Fredrik holds a BSc. in electrical power engineering from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and an MSc. from the University of Bergen. He specialises in PV-systems and insulation systems of high voltage components.

Runar Onstad Lahti
Power System Engineer

Runar holds a MSc. in electrical power engineering from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has experience as an specialist in electrical power systems and protection relays, and has worked with offshore and onshore power systems. With software such as EDSA/DesignBase, ETAP, NetBas, ProDocX and TDPlan he is an expert within load flow, short circuit, motor starting, harmonics, arc flash, power system protection and transient stability studies and analyses. He is also experienced with relay software such as ABB PCM600 and Siemens DIGSI.

Martin Oen
Power System Engineer

Martin holds a BSc. in electrical power engineering from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and a certificate within the electrician profession. He has practical experience with low voltage and high voltage installations from offshore and onshore.

Martin has worked with the design of electrical systems, earthing systems in distribution networks, energy and power calculations in distribution networks and UPS installations.

Veslemøy Fosse
Power System Engineer

Veslemøy holds a MSc. degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management from the University of Freiburg, Germany as well as a bachelor's degree in Energy Technology  from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in Bergen.