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Maintenance strategies & availability optimisation
(In Cooperation with Crossfields)

Design for Availability

  • ­At CrossFields, we build a model of your assets to identify the optimal maintenance strategy, increasing asset availability significantly with added side gains such as lower OPEX, reduced risk of injury and less environmental emissions.

 Optimisation of Asset Performance

  • ­Preventive Maintenance Strategies

  • ­Reliability Centered Spare Part Management

  • ­Bundling


 Technical Data Analysis

 Design Review/Technical Due Diligence

  • ­Subsystems: Blades, blade bearings, pitch system, main bearing, gearbox, generator, converter, transformer, Yaw system and electrical auxiliary systems


Root Cause Analysis

  • ­DMAIC, Life Data Analysis, Failure Tree Analysis, Physics of Failure, Parts Block Diagram, Input-Part-Critical Output

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