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Grid Connection & Permitting

The future is electric! Norway has cheap, renewable energy and is in an ideal position to benefit from the electrification of all sectors. Æge Energy Solutions helps its customers with technical, technical-economical and regulatory knowledge.

We bring excellent technical understanding across a wide range of electrical infrastructure elements such as overhead lines, onshore and offshore cabling (MV/HV), onshore substations (AC and HVDC), offshore substations platforms (AC and HVDC), and overall electrical system design.

We have extensive experience from negotiation of grid connection agreements, use of system charging and regulatory processes.

Key offering:

  • Engineering and Project Management of Grid Connection (substations and cable systems)

    • Power System Analysis and Planning

    • Grid Connection Optioneering

    • Grid Integration and Compliance

    • Grid Tariff Modelling

    • Electrical System Engineering & Design

    • Technical Specifications

    • Construction Management, Procurement and Contract Management

    • Commissioning & Hand-Over to Operations

  • Licencing Process Management

    • Consent applications

    • Managing process with TSOs and Regulators

    • Grid Connection Agreements

    • Regulatory framework advice

    • Supply & Demand Matching and Optimisation

    • Technical-Economical Analysis

Reference Project:
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