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The transition to a renewable energy future is happening fast. Electrification, intermittency, distributed energy and prosumers are challenging the operation of transmission and distribution grids. This requires new approaches to grid integration, control, flexibility and preparedness, and new markets and value chains are emerging in response to these changes. We develop solutions for the construction and operation of our future energy system.

Electrical Infrastructure




We offer project development, electrical engineering, project management services and expert advice within the energy sector. We specialise in on/offshore wind, Solar PV, Interconnectors, Power-intensive industry and electrification projects.​

Our team of highly dedicated engineering professionals and economists bring a combination of industry insight, a strong mind-set for improvement work and hands-on experience from all phases of a project’s life cycle.


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How to combat climate change while at the same time preserving our nature?

Electrification of the industry and transport sectors, the emergence of new green industries and general consumption growth will require a lot of new energy. The Nordic transmission system operators have just presented a common Nordic scenario "Climate Neutral Nordics" that assumes a high growth in electricity consumption in the Nordic region, increasing by 130 TWh per decade to 2040.

In order for this development to be sustainable, the establishment of new power production must minimize the impact on the local environment.

Solar and wind power are among the forms of power generation that - if done correctly - have the least impact on nature, the environment and society of the technologies available today.

Æge New Energy

Local solutions to global challenges.

Norway is built up through co-location of power and industry. This is beneficial for the power system, and will require less grid development overall. We continue this legacy, and work closely with local landowners, municipalities and developers of industry who want to become energy-neutral.

We combine technical knowledge and experience from project execution with a great commitment to both nature and the environment. We value the importance of local involvement and close cooperation during the planning and implementation phase. We have a strong focus on minimizing interventions in untouched nature and try to make the most of existing infrastructure.

Feel free to contact us for a non-binding chat if you are planning to establish local power generation, or are curious about the solutions that might be available to you:



New Energy


Vårt datterselskap Bergen PowerEngineering har fått sitt første store oppdrag.

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Aabø Powerconsulting har funnet en løsning som gir ny, grønn industri nok elektrisitet.


Norway’s deep oceanic trenches and seafaring history will help its development of floating offshore wind


The Renewables Consulting Group (RCG) og Æge Energy har gått sammen om å danne RCG Nordic. Målet er å bli ledende i Norden på rådgivning innen fornybar energi.

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